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In September 2010 TMC threw down the gauntlet with what seemed like an impossible deadline. The request was to help them bring a concept into reality prior to the VAT change in January 2011. However this meant that the 1.3 million parts would have to be delivered and installed in-store during October and November 2010.

At first glance this may not seem like a big ask, however the part was still only in the concept stage

We received the order first week of September 2010 and immediately started the CAD engineering and produced rapid prototypes of the complex little part containing two live hinges. After client approval, tooling was started on the fully hardened 8 impression hot runner mould tool.

Our project manager updated the client on progress constantly whilst ensuring everything else was ready and standing by to implement the 24 hour a day, seven days a week production run that would ensue

The tool was sampled 5 weeks after the order was placed and components were in the clients hands with in hours of being produced. Sign off was achieved and the tool continued with its production run until the order was completed, on time and on budget.

“As a result of our success on this project our client has placed more orders for similar products to increase their range and offering.”