manufacture of 8,000 iconic lottery point of sale stands

Camelot 3rd Licence Extension – manufacture of 8,000 iconic lottery point of sale stands

December 20th, 2013

Category: Global News

Fastrak Retail were delighted to further support Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd. following The National Lottery’s announcement of a 3rd extension to their licence.

This entailed the manufacture of 8,000 lottery Play-Stations, the iconic point of sale equipment (pictured), 8,000 LED media screens and a wide range of scratch card dispenser products for install into 8,000 new retailers across the entire United Kingdom.

This project required us to scale up our production capacity within a very short time-line and introduce new capital equipment to cope with the production requirements of the project.

Additionally a bespoke production line was set up to assemble and pack over 120 units per day to ensure that stock was continually available to meet installation schedules.

The entire project included the manufacture and assembly of over 2.8 million components and was completed from order to final delivery for installation within 8 months.

This time-frame included the acquisition of new injection moulding machinery, assembly equipment and the scaling of production to meet the demand.