scratch card dispensing units for tipsport

Czech this out!

November 6th, 2012

Category: Global News

In more great international news for Fastrak, we’ve just supplied the Czech Republican Lottery and Gaming & Betting Retail business, Tipsport with 300 of our innovative 4 facing scratch card dispensing units.

Tipsport are looking at doubling their estate and, having checked out all the options, they decided that Fastrak were without a doubt the best choice for their initial point of sale store roll outs, so got in touch.

As they anticipated, Fastrak responded immediately, providing them with all the units they needed – straight from stock. Every unit was delivered on time, avoiding potentially costly delays and giving them the eye-catching, fully developed and effective point of sale merchandising equipment they urgently needed.

Tipsport are so impressed with our expertise and service that we’re anticipating many more orders and a great business relationship into the future.

Once again, Fastrak deliver.