George at ASDA gets a ‘Fastrak’ solution to success

The leading supplier of retail point of sale solutions, Fastrak, has announced the successful roll out of its collaboration with Amelia Knight and a point of sale unit for a new range of George cosmetics, which can now be seen in 264 Asda stores in the UK.

Whilst developing a new cosmetics line for George at Asda, the team at Amelia Knight required an impactful method of displaying the cosmetics that represented the brands high-end feel and position the products on a level playing field with other more established beauty brands.

John Barrett, Managing Director of Fastrak said; “We worked together with Amelia Knight on their design concept to produce a solution that would not just catch the eye in a busy marketplace, but give the user a seamless shopping journey and position the range as a premium product to engage Asda’s shoppers to browse and buy.”

The solution that Fastrak manufactured brought together plastic fabrications and metalwork into a display that drove a clear premium message using lighting to both draw in the customer and display product in the best possible way. Paul Shardlow, Design Manager at Fastrak, added; “The end result is a triumph and really stands out as you walk down the aisle, however more than that, the user journey has been worked through in such detail that, from both a consumer and stock management point of view, the display will always look at its best.”

The journey to the point of sale solution now seen instore all started back in January 2017 where initial CAD concepts were developed. By July a prototype had been built and by August the project had reached the stage of manufacture. The end solution was a metal chassis with plastic fabricated product holders brought together by hand, adding to its precision and premium feel.

“The team did an incredible job and the quick response we’ve had from Fastrak has been brilliant throughout this project,” added Mark Salmon, Director of Amelia Knight. “We’re not only really pleased with the look and feel of the product displays instore, it has played a part in us hitting our projected sales targets.”

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