Taking traditional Football Pools in-store

When it comes to point of sale we know the score

2017 saw the re-launch of the Football Pools across multi-media formats. The game also went in-store for the first time in its history. To attract maximum attention and make it as convenient as possible to play, permanent, free-standing display units were needed that could withstand sustained consumer use over a number of years.

We used our substantial Point of Sale (POS) expertise to design and manufacture a striking, free-standing unit that promotes the Football Pools brand and can be located anywhere in store.

Following discussion of our initial ideas, the client opted for a concept that drew on the hexagonal shape synonymous with football. This was taken through to prototyping where they got to experience a close to finished version of the unit in 1-to1 scale. Production of the final units involved a variety of materials – including powder coated steelwork, vacuum formed, injection moulded and printed components – to ensure the units were fit for purpose and could withstand sustained use.

In addition, our retail experience and knowledge of anthropometrics made certain the final units were both safe (no tipping, no sharp edges, short pen chains) and practical (with large play tables positioned to meet the highest percentile of UK adults).


Whilst our focus remains on the end user experience, attention is always given to health and safety factors, aethetics, future proofing, adaptability and many more areas of importance.

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