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behold the wonderful world of true colour

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Soraa are mastering the science and technology behind leading edge LED design and manufacture. With a vast array of products ranging from lamps for the home, ambient luminaires and directional luminaires, through to optical light engines. Enrichment of vivid colours and exhibiting the true spectrum of light with all its intensity, elevates Soraa products above that of any competitors.

This luxuriant light lends itself to exhibiting art, and for brands where honest colour matters most. Galleries, exhibits and showcasing seem the most obvious locations for utilising this technology, but today's more discerning customer demands this level of quality throughout their lives, including at work and in the home. Soraa continues to increase its product ranges and strengthen its brand visibility.

Project Brief Image
Project Brief

See the difference & make it last

Replace an existing design that enables internationally touring sales people to exhibit the clarity of Soraa light technology in contrast to that of a competitor product. The unit must be robust enough to withstand travel, with adaptable power connection to suit multiple global sources. Empower the Soraa brand and key messages through colour and graphics.

  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Information Graphics
  • Branding
  • Size Constraints
  • Power Supplies
  • Packaging

Final Product

An eye catching and robust counter top display unit with which to display the contrast of light quality provided by Soraa. The metal box looks vibrant and exudes the brand. Simple, but far from simplistic.

Fastrak Retail proved to be extremely supportive for our project. They provided clear communication throughout the process, leading to an extremely successful conclusion.

- Simon Harrison-Wallace - Sr. Manager, Global Channel Marketing

Fastrak Retail were able to take our initial ideas and turn them into a successful product which has proved to be invaluable to our company. Their team was extremely supportive and help translate the early sketches into a finished product.

- Simon Harrison-Wallace - Sr. Manager, Global Channel Marketing

Every detail was considered by Fastrak Retail for this project, including the packaging for the products. This ensured that our final solution was delivered on time and within budget.

- Simon Harrison-Wallace - Sr. Manager, Global Channel Marketing

We would recommend Fastrak Retail to any customer looking for retail displays. We were extremely impressed by their level of service and the final solution provided.

- Simon Harrison-Wallace - Sr. Manager, Global Channel Marketing

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