Injection Moulding Capabilities

Quality products again & again

At Fastrak we deliver high quality injection moulding services at competitive prices.

We bring many years of experience in terms of process and materials which ensures that we offer the perfect solution for your moulding needs, whatever the challenge.

Our impressive plant list includes moulding machines ranging from 55 tonnes up to 820 tonnes which means we can accommodate virtually any project. Additionally we offer additional services that complement our moulding capabilities such as; sonic welding, printing, assembly, collation and packaging.

Fastrak also offer a full design and prototyping service utilising the very latest version of SOLIDWORKS® and state of the art 3D printing.

Injection Moulding Capacity Lists

Machine Detail Shot Weight Distance Between Tie Bars Min. Mould Height Max. Moiuld Height Location Ring Size Matl. estimated throughput. Kg's per hour
BOY 55A 129 360mm 250mm 650mm 125mm 15.48
BOY 80M 179 420mm 250mm 680mm 125mm 21.48
Negri Bossi NB90 270 360mm 150mm 400mm 100mm 32.4
Sandretto Series 8 200/790* 490 510mm 210mm 630mm 160mm 29.4
Sandretto oTTO 485-3170* 1450 740mm 250mm 850mm 160mm 140
Sandretto 485* 1450 740mm 250mm 850mm 160mm 140
Sandretto Mega Tes 820-6000* 3680 1250mm (W)
1060mm (H)
350mm 1100mm 250mm 225
*Robot arm component removal on larger machines