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Fastrak Are On TV – Well Our POD System Scratch Card Dispenser is!!

May 11th, 2015

Category: Global News, Success Stories

Diehard EastEnder fans have been teased for weeks by the ‘who is the lucky winner’ plot that was to see a character strike it rich with a lucky £1,000,000 lottery win.

Kat and Alfie are Walford’s unluckiest duo having faced their baby being swapped at birth, being ousted as landlord and lady of the Queen Vic and having their house burnt down. However this all changed last week when it was revealed that they had indeed won.

For weeks the media had teased fans with the news that a lucky Albert Square regular would win £1,000,000 from a lucky scratch card lottery win. Having bought a scratch card with their last remaining pound from a day trip into London Kat and Alfie were the lucky millionaire winners!

Fastrak were approached by the BBC to supply the scratch card dispenser system to be used on the set for the climax of the much anticipated storyline. We were more than happy to help and after discussing the requirements we supplied a 2 X 4 configuration lime green scratch card dispenser unit for the lucky ticket to be sold from!

Fastrak are specialists in the design and development of lottery point of sale solutions and supply some of the largest global lottery operators. This means that this isn’t the first time that our lottery point of sale products have been featured on TV as our lottery POS products can be seen on many long running drama series that feature a convenience or supermarket retail store in many countries.

‘It was very exciting to be involved in helping the BBC find the perfect prop for this storyline, and I’m really pleased that we could help out with the ideal solution’ Mike Price, Business Development Manager.

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