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Fastrak’s POD Dispensers are a Success for the Irish Lottery

July 16th, 2015

Category: Success Stories

The Fastrak Lottery Services POD Scratch Card Dispensing system is unique, highly innovative and manufactured from materials such as, ABS plastic, polycarbonate plastic and PETG. It’s a fully modular dispensing assemble that provides a completely flexible and secure unit, whilst ensuring simple, and easy to use retail merchandising and ticket dispensing.

Our many years of experience in the lottery market has paid dividends when it came to designing the optimum scratch card and instant ticket dispensing system.

One significant key feature is that customers can clearly and easily see the game, the cost of play and the prize opportunity. It is a known fact that this facilitates increases in sales at point of purchase. Additionally the branding and accessory range we offer allows individual lottery operators to create a unique and effective display in line with their specific brand guidelines.

The solution allows our clients to select from a ‘menu’ of products and accessories that incorporates everything from a simple printed header to integrated and digital messaging for marketing and jackpot communication.

As part of a wider marketing campaign the Irish National Lottery awarded Fastrak Retail with the contract to provide a complete solution to refresh and revitalise scratchcard merchandising and dispensing systems throughout their National estate.

The projects primary objective was to increase instant ticket sales over the estate by retrofitting our unique POD solutions into widely varying retail outlets. This meant that one off the most challenging objectives was to design a mounting solution that would offer a completely flexible mounting options with one generic component / assembly. This was achieved by designing a multi directional base plate that could be quickly and easily changed in line with store requirements at point of install. The system allows left or right hand horizontal mounting in addition to the option to secure the plate vertically which was a known requirement where the unit was located behind / above the in-store waterfall confectionery display.

The feedback from our client was extremely exciting. Sales increases of up to 50% were experienced in some stores.

A great example of how innovative retail design within the Iottery POS market influences customer interaction and sales.