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Investing Significantly In Extra Injection Moulding Capacity.

May 24th, 2015

Category: Global News, Success Stories

Fastrak continue to grow and expand at an astonishing rate. After winning several large contracts we have never been busier and have therefore taken the commercial decision to invest in two new injection moulding machines, securing a more efficient and productive manufacturing set up for all of our current and future clients.

In addition to our existing manufacturing facilities the new 485T Sandretto Otto and 820T Sandretto Mega TES injection moulding machines will ensure that Fastrak continue to deliver exceptionally high standards, within budget and on time for years to come.

Fastrak’s Commercial Director, Mike Wilkinson commented, ‘Our manufacturing facilities are more efficient than they have ever been. It’s clear to me that our existing and prospective customers and very encouraged by how quickly a project can be turned around. A clear commercial and strategic advantage for today’s highly competitive retail sector.’

The new equipment not only increases capacity but also provides the ability to manufacture larger components. Our plant list for injection moulding now encompasses machinery from 55 tonne clamp force through to 820 tonne clamp force. Please contact us for a full plant list and capacity…

New state of the art cooling chiller systems for both moulding machines further adds to the efficiency of Fastrak’s manufacturing capability. Our dedication to using the most appropriate means possible to deliver exacting standards is secured for many years by the infrastructural improvements we’ve invested in.

‘Manufacturing and production is much more streamlined and efficient now that we have invested in these new machines and supporting infrastructures. This will strategically elevate our manufacturing capacity for years to come.’ Mark Ash, Production Manager, Fastrak Retail (UK) Limited

For more information about how Fastrak Retail can deliver your point of sale project please call our sales team on: 01625 439966 or click here.