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POD Systems

Fastrak tasked to create a brand new scratch card dispensing system

To create a modular and flexible scratch card dispensing system that provides security, visibility of product, ease of install and management and compatibility with the lottery retailer’s instant game products.

About the Project

The brief to our internal design team was clear: create a system that allows any configuration, or format, achieve great visibility of the game and product, make it secure and ensure that it can be manufactured competitively and efficiently.

The Result

Fortunately our point of sale designers and engineers were up to the challenge. The point of sale system is now available as a standard product and is a key element of our lottery services point of sale range.

POD is currently utilised by many global lotteries from large to small including Camelot in the UK, Czech Republic, Jersey and Guernsey with many more in the pipe line.

“Our challenge was to create a brand new scratch card dispensing system that achieved complete modularity, security, ease of install and operation and complete flexibility. The result was the POD scratch card dispenser”