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Scratch Card Dispenser Dress-up Kit Solution

Fastrak Retail were appointed by Camelot Group PLC to work as part of the technical team to help Camelot design and develop their new range of point of sale display equipment.

Scratch card dispenser dress up kit solution.28,800 retail outlets

The brief to our internal point of sale design team was clear: create a system that allows any configuration, or format, achieve great visibility of the game and product, make it secure and ensure that it can be manufactured competitively and efficiently.

The various challenges along the way included having to incorporate designs and materials that would last for the full 10 year span of Camelot’s third licence to run the National Lottery. 10 years in the retail environment can be tough! Fastrak used their innovative design and engineering skills to create parts that were simple to use and install, yet very robust and visually effective to the consumer, ensuring that the Camelot Brand was both recognisable and made an impact.

In the final tender Fastrak Retail were awarded the prestigious contract to produce the dress up kits for Camelot’s scratch card dispenser units. This amounted to 40,000 dress up kits in total to fit 13 different types of scratch card dispenser models across 28,000 retail outlets in the UK.

Fastrak delivered over 250,000 plastic injection moulded parts on budget, on time and without a hitch.

As a result of the contract Fastrak Retail has ensured ongoing stability and growth within the manufacturing sector, which is bucking the trend considering today’s commercial climate of doom and gloom.

John Barrett (Managing Director) of Fastrak Retail said “We are very proud to have been chosen to work with Camelot on this huge project and our performance has shown that we can, and do, compete with the large players within the industry. Going forward I would like to think we can continue to build our working relationship with Camelot and add other world class brands to our increasing customer base”

“Fastrak’s design and manufacturing team have been extremely helpful and flexible with a can do attitude to very demanding expectations.”