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The West End to Airbus and then to Fastrak!

November 23rd, 2015

Category: Global News, Staff Profiles

Amongst many responsibilities Hannah manages the very busy and demanding schedules for the Directors here at Fastrak Retail. As well as being responsible for day to day office administration Hannah also looks after HR and Project Management for major projects.

Before starting at Fastrak Hannah’s career took on a completely different direction as a budding singer and West End actress. Moving onto Airbus in 2007 within their Corporate Communication Team in Munich, Hannah was introduced to the realms of commercialism and business!

Helping Fastrak to settle in their new premises, Hannah started at Fastrak during August 2013 and quickly settled into the swing of things following her move back to the UK.

Hannah continues to learn and develop new skills within her role on a daily basis; no two jobs are the same and not being restricted to one task helps to achieve this variety. As a valued member of our exceptional team we have no doubt that she’ll continue to contribute and assist with the same levels of care and attention that she displays today.

“Hannah’s assistance and military styled planning has been critical to the timely delivery of numerous projects. Her meticulous approach and forward thinking certainly helps with the finer operational details for Fastrak.” John Barrett, Managing Director.