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Scratch Card Retailing


The Fastrak Lottery Services POD Scratch Card Dispensing system is a unique fully modular system that provides a completely flexible and secure unit whilst ensuring simple and easy to use retail merchandising and dispensing.

The POD system can be configured in virtually any format due to our innovative joining features. It also incorporates an integrated removable locking base allowing it to be fixed to virtually any surface.

At Fastrak Lottery Services we know how to increase sales of scratch card / instant tickets at the point of purchase. POD has been specifically designed to ensure maximum visibility of your games.

Additionally we offer a full range of accessories for the POD system to allow prize, price and feature game information to be clearly and effectively displayed (please see our dedicated brochure for details of all the accessories in the POD range).

The POD system can be located anywhere in-store including in-lane and kiosk.

Additionally the system includes further accessories that deliver enhanced mounting, communication, merchandising and marketing solutions.

Our exclusive range features:

  • Mounting brackets and poles.
  • Branding products and ‘dress up kits’.
  • Sales aids; including prize and price point communication and our innovative ‘feature game highlighter’.
  • Game identification numbers.
  • Multi-function counter unit system (allowing the combination of lottery display with other retail products within the same footprint).

Combine any of the above accessory products with your POD configuration to create a unique scratch card dispenser tailored to your lottery’s exact requirements.

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