Fastrak Work With the Next Generation of Product Designers.

October 16th, 2015

Category: Global News, Success Stories

Fastrak were asked to participate at the recent Design and Technology week event, hosted by the Fallibroome Academy in Macclesfield. Committed to inspiring the next generation of product designers Fastrak embraced the invitation and set to work supporting the students with a challenging product brief.

We asked the Year 8 students to design and build a birdhouse that could hang from a tree or other structure. It needed to accommodate a ‘tennis ball sized’ bird in their neighbourhood and include a door the diameter of a golf ball. Furthermore it had to contain perches both inside and outside and needed to be squirrel and cat resistant as well as weatherproof!

24 teams got to work producing a wide variety of designs by using basic materials such as card, tape and glue. Designs ranged from the traditional apex birdhouse to more elaborate circular and split roof designs!

Fastrak picked two winning designs based on meeting the design brief and demonstrating creativity and innovation. Fastrak will build working models of the designs and present these to the Design at Technology department at Fallibroome Academy.

Fastrak were delighted to be involved with the Design and technology week and enjoyed working with the Year 8 students. Not only did it create a sense of nostalgia with our own design team, but it also highlighted the high levels of design skill and innovation within the youth of today. Well done Fallibroome Academy!

“Fastrak continue to be committed to supporting the next generation of designers and engineers.” Paul Shardlow – Design Manager