Still Growing & Expanding; Our Future Gets Better & Better.

February 15th, 2016

Category: Global News, Success Stories

Rob Hull and Stephen Potts are the latest team members to join our ever growing staff numbers here at Fastrak. Both Rob and Stephen have joined our outstanding design team and bring a wealth of experience with them.
Prior to joining Fastrak Rob’s background was very much product design and manufacturing innovation. Involved at the forefront of research and design work for the super-yacht and luxury coach industries Robs skills were also frequently tested within material research and manufacturing efficiency. Often taking inspiration from other industries helped Rob to develop some unique component parts; which improved on previous designs resulting in significant cost savings as well as aesthetic enhancements. Fastrak’s Design manager Paul Shardlow commented, “We’re delighted that Rob has joined our award winning design team. His fantastic ability and product design capabilities will enable Fastrak to offer the very best products and value for money solutions to our clients.” When Rob’s not playing a key role within the design department you’ll find him in the Peak District hurtling down a mountain on his bike. Perhaps there is a link between countryside fresh air and design creativity! Stephen’s talent as a graphic designer were immediately evident. He brings a different and unique dimension to our ability to visualise and promote our products and services.
Prior to joining Fastrak Stephen was an Architectural Visualisation Artist, modelling and rendering images to a high level of realism for private construction companies and architects. These very relevant and highly tuned skills have been utilised to their full potential as Stephen sets about visualising Fastrak’s product designs and client ideas. Product visualisation is a key aspect to the project work that Fastrak undertakes. It allows clients to thoroughly understand our designs in every detail and Stephen’s contribution to this requirement is both valuable and important. Stephen is also able to offer graphic design support for all areas of the business, further complimenting a broad base of requirements needed for a business aspiring to be the most successful POS design and development and manufacturing business. “Fastrak’s design studio is thriving. We’ve never worked with as many talented designers as this in all of Fastrak’s 15-year history. It’s fantastic news for our clients and of course Fastrak as we spearhead ourselves as the best in being able to offer world class POS.” Mike Wilkinson, Commercial Director.