3D Prototype Machine

Forward to the future – Fastrak in 3D

November 6th, 2012

Category: Technology

At Fastrak, we’ve just added a brand new, state-of-the-art, 3D rapid prototype machine to our already impressive list of equipment and added yet another dimension to our World-class prototyping capablity.

The Pro Jet HD 3000 3D printer increases our capacity, which already includes FDM and Vacuum Casting equipment, even further and adds an exciting new element to fit and function modelling. Truly functional and accurate models are hugely important to our customers, allowing them to exhaustively check parts before investing in plastic injection mould tooling, potentially leading to substantial savings along the line.

Our new machine rapidly produces extremely robust parts in three levels of surface finish, the finest setting even providing a superb ready to paint surface – making it perfect for presenting first-off prototypes or pre-production samples. What’s more, this fantastic piece of kit is accurate to an incredible 16 microns.

To demonstrate exactly what this means, just pick up a piece of paper from your desk or photocopier. 16 Microns is 0.0006 of an inch. A standard, 80grm sheet of paper is approximately 0.005 of an inch. So our latest investment is accurate to 1/8th of the thickness of the paper you’re holding.

Impressive, isn’t it?