Retailers are always on the lookout for the next idea or trend that will enhance their sales. So at Fastrak we stay several steps ahead. With Touchscreen technology now available on mobile phones and on self-service tills in supermarkets, we believe that our ‘Touchcard’ is the next technological step for any retailer.

Fastrak’s Touchcard is a unique selection system that allows consumers to select product and service information electronically. The screen offers electronic information on a product or service allowing users to browse and select information with the ability to print out and keep data on demand. Touchcard is an effective Information Delivery and Point of Sale Messaging System and is the future of retail.

Our products and services include:

  • LCD Media Screens
  • Digital Signage
  • Live Content Managed Systems and Software
  • Smart Phone Point of Sale Messaging Apps
  • Interactive Product Information and Selection Systems

We’re Fastrak. And we’ve got the touch.