steve hill

The Fastrak Team. June’s Employee Focus – ‘Steve Hill’

June 17th, 2015

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Fastrak remains completely committed to the development and training of all its staff and colleagues. We thought it might be nice for you to get to know us better and introduce some of our colleagues that are not customer facing but are vital to our success. Each month we will be featuring a different member of the team.

This month we are featuring Steve Hill. Steve has extensive experience as a motor mechanic so was the ideal choice when we were looking to expand our moulding plant. Steve joined us as a trainee mould setter but has quickly developed into a key member of the operations team..

Steve has been with Fastrak for 16 months and continues to contribute extremely positively to the team. Steve is currently supervising a moulding shift with the responsibility of supervising six moulding operators across seven plastic injection moulding machines in very demanding environments.

Fastrak’s Production Manager, Mark Ash is especially encouraged with Steve’s performance and commented, “We are extremely pleased with Steve’s ability to quickly learn new skills. With his experience and knowledge we are sure he will continue to develop his career with us and we have every confidence in Steve’s ability to excel with Fastrak.”

Steve has quickly become an integral and valued member of the team and we hope that he continues to contribute to the growth of our business for many years to come.

Steve remarked that, “Since working at Fastrak my confidence and leadership ability in managing a team of moulding operatives has significantly improved following the help and support I have received. I very much look forward to what the future holds during my career at Fastrak.”

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